What is the definition of dairy allergy

No episode in Bryant’s endless career imperiled him love the accusation that he raped a 19-year-old lady in 2003. Although prosecutors eventually dropped their case, Bryant reached a civil settlement with his accuser, and the matter shadowed Bryant for the relax of his life.

Even as Bryant cultivated a reputation as a champion of women, he found that he could never fully escape the cloud of what happened in Colorado: consensual sex, as he contended, or, as his accuser and prosecutors first argued, a violent attack.

The helicopter had received special approval to fly around Burbank in foggy weather.

The helicopter that crashed on Sunday with Bryant and eight other people on board, killing everyone, had received approval to fly through the controlled airspace around Burbank even though weather conditions were worse than usual standards for flying.

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In most cases, people with allergies develop mild to moderate symptoms, such as watery eyes, a runny nose or a rash. But sometimes, exposure to an allergen can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. This severe reaction happens when an over-release of chemicals puts the person into shock. Allergies to food, insect stings, medications and latex are most frequently associated with anaphylaxis.

A second anaphylactic reaction, known as a biphasic reaction, can happen as endless as 12 hours after the initial reaction.

Call 911 and get to the nearest emergency facility at the first sign of anaphylaxis, even if you own already istered epinephrine, the drug used to treat severe allergic reactions.

Just because an allergic person has never had an anaphylactic reaction in the past to an offending allergen, doesn’t mean that one won’t happen in the future. If you own had an anaphylactic reaction in the past, you are at risk of future reactions.


If an item contains no animal ingredients but the packaging states may contain traces of milk/egg… this means the item is essentially vegan. Companies who make a variety of foods own to clean the production lines thoroughly between diverse batches, eg foods containing nuts, soya, dairy etc.

Any traces would be microscopic and are not actually added to the product you purchase – and they don’t contribute to animal suffering.

The UK’s Food Standards Agency states: we would not be against a food that is labelled as vegan carrying a warning on the label that it is produced in a factory or on a line where certain dairy products or allergenic foods are also handled and used.

From an ethical point of view, most vegan groups consent that this is an acceptable compromise.

While it is undoubtedly better to support dedicated vegan companies, it isn’t always practical. Being capable to purchase items from mainstream companies widens the choice of products available and makes a change of diet less daunting to new vegans.

However, this compromise may not be suitable for those with severe allergies. As ever, when in doubt, check with the manufacturer.


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Wisconsin Cheese Factories and Tours

Map of Wisconsin Cheese Factories

Central | Northeast | Northwest | Southeast | Southwest

Wisconsin produces more than 35 percent of every cheese made in the United States.

Much of it is made in little, family-owned and operated cheese factories that specialize in award-winning varieties. They welcome visitors. Tours and observation windows are offered by numerous cheese makers. Mornings are generally best. Numerous factories also own a retail outlet so you can sample the cheeses, send some as gifts, or take some home. Be certain to call in advance to confirm the availability of tours or viewing on the date of your visit.

Wisconsin Cheese Factories and Tours

Map of Wisconsin Cheese Factories

Central | Northeast | Northwest | Southeast | Southwest

Wisconsin produces more than 35 percent of every cheese made in the United States.

Much of it is made in little, family-owned and operated cheese factories that specialize in award-winning varieties. They welcome visitors. Tours and observation windows are offered by numerous cheese makers. Mornings are generally best. Numerous factories also own a retail outlet so you can sample the cheeses, send some as gifts, or take some home. Be certain to call in advance to confirm the availability of tours or viewing on the date of your visit.

Central Wisconsin

Associated Milk Producers — Portage
Call 608-742-2114.
301 Brooks Highway, Portage, Columbia County.
Bletsoe’s Honey Bee Cheese
Call 715-443-2526.

8281 Third Lane, Marathon, Marathon County.

Dupont Cheese
Fresh curds, colby, cheddar, monterey jack, rainbow and other flavored cheeses. Retail outlet and an observation window.
Call 715-754-5424.
Six miles S of Marion at N10140 Hwy 100, Waupaca County.
Grand Meadow Dairy
Call 715-383-5812.
D3102 Grand Meadow Rd, Stratford, Marathon County.
Maple Grove Cheese
Cheddar, colby, monterey jack, farmers cheese.

Retail outlet and prearranged tours.
Call 715-652-2214.
Three miles W of Milladore on Hwy 10 to Mayflower Rd, 1 mile N, Milladore, Wood County.

Mullins Cheese
Specializing in cheddar, colby, and monterey jack. Over 50 varieties for sale. Unused curds daily.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Wisconsin gifts and souvenirs. Video tour available with an expanded store.
Call 715-693-3205.
Off I-39/US 51, exit 175 to downtown Knowlton, Marathon County.

Nasonville Dairy
Cheddar, colby, monterey jack, marble jack, feta, cheese curds, specialty cheese. Tours by appointment.
Call 715-676-2177.
Seven miles W of Marshfield at 10898 Hwy 10 West, Wood County.
Union Star Cheese Factory
Open daily until 5 pm.

View cheesemaking process Mon through Sat, 8 to 10 am. Prearranged tours and a retail outlet.
Call 920-836-2804 or toll-free 800-354-3373.
From Oshkosh take Hwy 110 22 miles NW to Zittau, Waupaca County.

Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company
Guided tours and movie focus on Wisconsin’s wealthy dairy heritage. Unused cheese curds and ice cream. Retail outlet and an observation window.
Call 715-435-3144.
Hwys 34 and C, 6860 State Highway 34, Rudolph, Wood County.
Wiskerchen Cheese
A premier manufacturer of Blue Cheese and Feta Cheese, Wiskerchen Cheese Inc.

has manufactured cheese since 1936. We are located in the gently rolling hill country of central Wisconsin, and own been quietly producing fine quality cheeses for some of America’s largest food companies, under well-known national brand names. No tours available. No observation window.
Call 715-652-2333.
Nine miles E of Marshfield at 5710 E Cty H, Auburndale, Wood County.

Northwest Wisconsin

Eau Galle Cheese Factory

Eau Galle Cheese, family owned & operated since 1945, produces over 9 million lbs of cheese each year. We own won top honors in both the United States Championship Cheese contest and the World Championship Cheese contest.

Our store specializes in the finest Wisconsin cheeses. Make certain to attempt the numerous samples available. Browse our store filled with every your favorite gifts & collectibles, including a year ’round Christmas room.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Store is open 7 days a week. Mon-Sat 9-5:30, Sun & Holidays 11-4:30.
Call 715-283-4211. E-mail [email protected] Web www.eaugallecheese.com
70 miles from Minneapolis or 20 miles S of Menomonie at N6765 Hwy 25, Durand, Pepin County.

Associated Milk Producers — Jim Falls
Call 715-382-4113.
14193 County Hwy S, Jim Falls, Chippewa County.
Bass Lake Cheese Factory
Award-winning, every natural handmade specialty cheeses from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk. Numerous varieties.

Retail outlet, observation window, and an audio/video presentation. Mon through Sat, 10 am to 5 pm, Sun 11 am to 5 pm. Self-guided tours, picnic area.
Call 715-247-5586.
Eight miles N of Hudson off County I, 598 Valley View Trail in Somerset, St. Croix County.

Burnett Dairy Co-op
Call 715-689-2468.
11631 Hwy 70, Grantsburg, Burnett County.
Cady Cheese Factory
Cheddar, colby, monterey jack and gold’n jack. Retail outlet, prearranged tours, and an observation window.
Call 715-772-4218.
3-1/2 miles S of I-94 at exit 28 for Glenwood City and Spring Valley, 126 Hwy 128 in Wilson, St.

Croix County.

Crystal Lake Cheese Factory
Since 1948. Industry leader in the manufacturing of specialty flavored natural cheese. Monterey jack, cheddar and muenster. Flavorings such as mushrooms, cranberries, sweet basil and apples added. Retail outlet, observation window and an audio/video presentation. Five miles S of Cumberland, five miles N of Turtle Lake to Hwy 63.
Call 715-822-2437.
1858 US Highway 63, Comstock, Barron County.
Dairy Maid Co-op
Call 715-286-2343.
E18240 Cty R, Augusta, Eau Claire County.
Drangle Foods
Call 715-754-5424.

300 South Riverside Dr, Gilman, Taylor County.

Ellsworth Co-op Creamery
Cheddar Cheese Curds. Retail Outlet. Proclaimed: Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.
Call 715-273-4311.
From River Falls take Hwy 65 South into Ellsworth turning left on Hwy 10 East to Wallace Highway. Pierce County.
Gad Cheese, Inc
Cheddar, colby, cheese curds, monterey jack, specialty cheese. Retail outlet and an observation window.
Call 715-748-4273.
Seven miles E on Hwy 64, then 1-1/2 miles S to 2401 Cty C, Medford, Taylor County.
LaGrander’s Hillside Dairy
Open Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, Saturdays until Noon.

LaGrander’s Hillside Dairy is committed to producing superior cheese products that exceed every quality standards and customer expectations. Award winning Colby, Colby-Jack, Pepper Jack, Monterey-Jack, and Cheddar cheese are LaGrander’s specialty, along with the best unused cheese curds around. Family Owned And Operated Since 1960.
Call 715-644-2275.
W11299 Broek Rd, Stanley, Clark County.

Land O’ Lakes Cheese
Call 715-267-6297.
423 S Main St, Greenwood, Clark County.
Lynn Dairy
Call 715-238-7129.
W1929 Hwy 10, Granton, Clark County.
Marieke Gouda
Marieke Penterman and her team at Marieke Gouda handcraft traditional Dutch Goudas using the time-tested, Ancient World, cheesemaking methods Marieke brought with her when she emigrated from the Netherlands.

Marieke transforms farmstead-fresh, raw, cow�s milk from her family farm into award-winning cheese. The Marieke Gouda store, cheese and barn observation areas are open 7 days a week, 7 am-7 pm. Guided tours are also available by appointment.
Call 715-669-5230.
200 W Liberty Drive, Thorp, Clark County.

Suttner’s Cheese
Retail outlet, observation window, and prearranged tours.
Call 715-223-3338.
34 miles west of Wausau, or three miles west of Abbotsford on Hwy 29, N14505 Sandhill Ave, Curtiss, Clark County.
University of Wisconsin River Falls
Call 715-425-3702.

243 Animal and Food Science Building, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Pierce County.

Welcome Dairy
Call 715-223-2874.
H4489 Maple Rd, Colby, Clark County.
West’s Hayward Dairy Company
Call 715-634-2244.
124 W 2nd St, Hayward, Sawyer County.

Southeast Wisconsin

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars

Come and see Wisconsin’s only cheese factory still using genuine bricks to press their brick cheese.

The product is so authentic that we’re still using the same bricks Gramps Widmer used in 1922. We also manufacture Super-Aged Cheddars and an authentic Colby cheese. Come and watch us make cheese from our retail store. Our hours are Mon-Sat from 7 am to 5 pm and Sun (June through October) 10 am to 4 pm. We ship cheese nationwide and take credit cards.
Call 920-488-2503 or toll-free 888-878-1107. E-mail [email protected] Web www.widmerscheese.com
214 W Henni St, Theresa, Dodge County.

Baker Cheese Factory
Operated by the Baker Family since 1916.

Unused string cheese sold daily which has won awards, and numerous other grand cheeses from Wisconsin.
Call 920-477-7111.
N5279 Cty Rd G, St Cloud, Fond du Lac County.

Beechwood Cheese Co.
Established in 1894, our country cheese factory produces old-fashioned flavor with today’s USDA standards. Family owned, we offer seven ages of cheddar cheese and 44 other styles of cheese. A "peek" window allows customers to glance back in time at our cheese making operation. Our web site provides history, a sales sheet, recipes and a map. Come taste the flavor of Wisconsin.
Call 920-994-9306 or toll-free 877-224-3373.
17 miles SW of Plymouth or 10 miles NE of Kewaskum, N1598 Cty A in Adell, Sheboygan County.
Bieri’s Jackson Cheese and Deli
Call 800-321-6077.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

3271 Cty P, Jackson, Washington County.

Gibbsville Cheese Co
Gibbsville Cheese is open 7:30 am to 5 pm. We own a viewing window at which you can watch cheese being made and packaged. You can purchase cheddars, colbys and monterey jacks along with a variety of other cheeses available in our salesroom. We also own a price list from which you can purchase chese and sausage.
Call 920-564-3242.
Exit I-43 at exit 120W on Cty V to Hwy 32, S on Hwy 32, 2 miles to Gibbsville, then W to W2663 Cty OO, Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County.
Jim’s Cheese Pantry
Jim’s is well known for cute, genuine cheese cows.

It is billed as the Cheese Cut Out Capital of the world with over 400 diverse types of sculptures. Jim’s is one of the few companies that age cheddar cheese up to 10 years ancient. Their retail store has a deli, full service lunch counter, a variety of over 200 types of cheese and over 250 cute shape cut outs. There is no factory viewing area and tours are not available. But come visit the retail store!
Call 800-345-3571.
410 Portland Road, Waterloo, Jefferson County.

Kolb-Lena Bresse Bleu
Call 414-261-3006.

N2002 Hwy 26, Watertown , Jefferson County.

Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd.
Call 414-261-6363 or toll-free 800-236-8033.
1173 N Fourth St, Watertown, Jefferson County.
Specialty Cheese Company
Retail hours Mon — Fri 7:30 am to 2 pm. Products include: Just the Cheese Brand Crunchy Baked Cheese TM, a crunchy low carbohydrate snack that’s made entirely of natural cheese! La VacaRica brand Hispanic cheese, including our renowned Queso Blanco and our patented Queso Blanco con Frutas TM. Wealthy Cow brand Middle Eastern cheese, an authentic line of cheeses from India and the Middle East.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Traditional muenster and brick cheeses, our award winning, traditional cheese with generations of cheesemaking tradition.
Call 414-927-388 or toll-free 800-367-1711.
455 S River St, Lowell, Dodge County.

Northeast Wisconsin

Pine River Dairy

Over 250 varieties of cheese available in our retail store. Enjoy a 25 cent hand dipped ice cream cone while browsing through our numerous gifts and souvenirs. Come view the butter manufacturing process through our observation window.

Family owned since 1941. Store hours Mon-Fri 8-5pm, Sat 8-1pm.
Call 920-758-2233. E-mail [email protected] Web www.pineriverdairy.com
10115 English Lake Rd, Manitowoc, Manitowoc County.

Belle Plaine Cheese
Call 715-526-2789.
N3473 Wisconsin Ave, Shawano, Shawano County.
Henning’s Cheese
Fresh Curds, Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, String Cheese, Mozza Whips, Reduced Fat Farmers and a variety of flavors. Cheese Samples, Wine, Ice Cream, Souvenirs and more…

Retail Store, Museum, Observation window, Cheese making video. Watch cheese being made Mon � Fri till 11:00 am. Store Hours M � F 7am � 4 pm; Sat 8am � noon. Henning’s Cheese is a 4th Generation family cheese company that has been manufacturing cheese since 1914. Directions: Go 2 1/2 miles N of Kiel on Hwy 67 follow signs.
Call 920-894-3032.
20201 Point Creek Rd, Kiel, Manitowoc County.

Kaukauna Cheese
Call 920-788-3524.
1500 E North St, Little Chute, Outagamie County.
Krohn Dairy Products
Call 414-845-2901.
N2915 Hwy 163, Luxemburg, Kewaunee County.
Laack Brothers Cheese Company
The Laack family is proud to own been in the cheese trade for 4 generations.

Laack Brothers cheese was established by Mark and Jeff Laack in 1986. We manufacture award winning freezing pack and cream cheese spreads, and cut and package every types of cheese. We specialize in high quality aged cheddars: from 1 year to 6 years at its finest. We ship anywhere in the US year-round.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Call for a mail order sheet. Also check out our little cheese store with a large variety of cheese, sausage and candies.
Call 920-864-2815 or toll-free 800-589-5127.
7050 Morrison Rd, Greenleaf, Brown County.

Lamers Dairy
Open Mon — Fri 8 am — 6 pm, Sat 9 am — 5 pm.
Call 920-830-0980.
N410 Speel School Rd, Appleton, Outagamie County.
Land O’ Lakes
Call 414-894-2204.
927 Eighth St, Kiel, Calumet County.
Laney Cheese-Stiede
Call 414-822-5432.

W1031 Main Laney Dr, Pulaski, Brown County.

Renards Cheese Inc
Renard’s Cheese Factory is a family tradition with three generations of cheesemaking! Store hours are Monday thru Friday 8-5 and Open weekends.
Call 920-487-5176.
248 County S, Algoma, Door County.
Renards Cheese Store LLC
Renard’s Cheese is a family tradition with three generations of cheesemaking! Store hours are Monday thru Friday 8-5 and Open weekends.
Call 920-825-7272.
2189 County Road DK, Sturgeon Bay, Door County.
Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese
Call 414-845-5330.

124 Main St, Luxemburg, Kewaunee County.

Saxon Creamery
We’re a 5th generation Wisconsin family farm, using only milk from our pasture-based herd to make exceptional cheese. The cows graze on the lush grass near Lake Michigan, giving each cheese its unique flavor by nature. Saxon’s skilled cheesemakers ensures each handcrafted wheel of cheese is aged to perfection in our cellars to reach their full flavor. You’ll taste the care & passion each time you serve one of Saxon’s Family of Award Winning Cheeses.
Call 920-693-8500.
855 Hickory Highway, Cleveland, Manitowoc County.
Scray’s Cheese
Experience the tradition of Wisconsin cheese making, at a 4th generation, authentic cheese factory.

Closest factory to Green Bay, with over 100 diverse types of specialty cheese, local wines, and gourmet coffee. Stop by for squeaky unused cheese curds, or own them shipped to your door!
Call 920-336-8359.
2082 Ancient Martin, DePere, Brown County.

Simon’s Specialty Cheese
Our visitors watch a cheese-making video and a mini-museum to glance through. We welcome bus tours. Simon’s offers over 100 varieties of cheeses along with numerous imported cheeses. We own present boxes & baskets for every of your holiday giving — shipped anywhere in the USA! Plus unused cheese curds, FREE cheese & fudge samples with 16 varieties of fudge including our special recipe of Homemade Chocolate Cheese Fudge, hand-dipped ice cream, unused pizzas and numerous Wisconsin specialty gifts & gourmet items.
Call 920-788-6311.
2735 Liberty Rd, Little Chute, Outagamie County.
Spring Side Cheese Corporation
Cheddar, colby, monterey jack, farmers, specialty and low sodium.

Over 25 varieties. Gifts.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Retail outlet, prearranged tours, and an observation window.
Call 920-829-6395.
From Oconto Falls take Cty B N 8 miles to 7989 Arndt Rd, Oconto Falls, Oconto County.

Twelve Corners Cheese Factory
Call 414-993-1767.
N4524 Hwy 47, Black Creek, Outagamie County.
Utterly Unique Cheese Company
Factory unused Wisconsin cheese, squeaky cheese curds, Wisconsin novelties, gourmet coffee, gourmet foods, present baskets and boxes. Open March — December Mon-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-6.

Call for winter hours.
Call 414-231-7183 or toll-free 800-207-3133.
Prime Outlet, Oshkosh, Winnebago County.

Southwest Wisconsin

Associated Milk Producers — Blair
Call 608-989-2535.
220 E Middle St, Blair, Trempealeau County.
Arena Cheese
If you are looking for that perfect present for that perfect someone then you own arrived at the correct place! Arena Cheese specializes in producing the finest Wisconsin Cheese for the entire country to enjoy! Arena Cheese provides a viewing area so you can watch our artesian cheese maker making diverse varieties of cheeses.

Samples of some of our various cheeses are available for your tasting pleasure. Don’t forget to take home unused «squeaky» cheese curds made daily.
Call 608-753-2501.
300 US-14, Arena, Iowa County.

Besnier America Belmont
A family trade in France, Besnier is owned 100 percent by the Besnier family. Michel Besnier, son of the company’s founder, continues to lead the family trade. One out of two U.S.

operations are based in Belmont Wisconsin, where the company produces President label Camembert, brie, and feta cheeses. Besnier SA is France’s largest dairy products producer and one of the largest dairy products producers in Europe.
Call 608-762-5173.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

218 Park St, Belmont, Lafayette County.

Brunkow Cheese Co-op
Since 1929, the Brunkow Cheese Co-op has been run by the Geissbuhler family, with second and third generation family members-Karl Geissbuhler and his partner, Greg Schulte now diligently working as cheesemakers to produce some of Wisconsin’s finest cheese. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Colby, Co-Jack and flavored cheeses such as Garden Salad, Garlic Cheddar, and Pepper Jack are produced at the plant today.

The Brunkow Cheese Co-op also accommodates those who visit the area.
Call 608-776-4783 or toll-free 800-338-3773.
17975 Cty E, Darlington, Lafayette County.

Carr Valley Cheese Co
Free self-guided tours of more than 100 years of family cheesemaking. Cheddar wheels made the old-fashioned way. Sample our unused curds. Open Mon through Sat, 8 am to 4 pm, except Christmas and New Year’s day.

Best time to view is 8 to 11 am. Curds, cheddar in daisies, midgets, flats, gems and favorites. Colby, monterey jack and dariworld. Retail outlet and an observation window.
Call 608-986-2781 or toll-free 800-462-7258.
Hwy 33 W through Reedsburg, left on Hwy 58 through Ironton to Cty G, turn left to S3797 County Rd G, La Valle, Sauk County.

Cedar Grove Cheese
Manufacturing specialty and organic cheese and unused curds since 1900. Tours daily (not on Sunday in winter). Retail sales, mail order and gifts.

What is the definition of dairy allergy

Also featuring one-of-a-kind botanical water treatment system — tours of our "living machine." Selected as 1999 Sauk County "Business of the Year."
Call 608-546-5284 or 800-200-6020.
E5904 Mill Rd, Plain, Sauk County.

Chalet Cheese Co-op
Baby swiss, brick, limburger. Retail outlet. Tours for four or more by appointment.
Call 608-325-4343.
Hwy 81 from Hwy 11, one mile NW of Monroe (toward Argyle) to Hwy N, then N four miles to N4858 Cty N, Monroe, Green County.
Cheesemaker #1
Open every year Monday-Friday 8 to 5, Saturdays 9 to 1. Buses welcome.

Large variety of every your favorite cheese and specialty cheeses. Unused curd, muenster, colby and low fat/low salt cheeses, 4-yr-old additional sharp cheddar and more varieties.
Call 608-546-3202 or toll-free 877-942-4337.
1050 Wachter Ave, Plain, Sauk County.

Decatur Dairy
Brick, Muenster, Farmers, Havarti, Swiss, Swiss/Colby, and cheese curds. Open Mon through Sat 8am to 5pm.
Call 608-897-8661.
W1668 County Road F, Brodhead, Green County.
Deppeler Cheese Factory
Call 608-325-6311.

W6805 Deppeler Rd, Monroe, Green County.

Franklin Cheese Co-op
Muenster, farmers, and flavors. Retail outlet. Tours Mon through Fri — best time is 9 to 11 am.
Call 608-325-3725.
W7256 Franklin Rd, Monroe, Green County.
Gile Cheese-Carr Cheese Factory
We are a little family-run cheese factory that has been making cheese in Cuba City since 1921 and has been in our family since 1946. With second and third generation cheesemakers making our cheese, we own won several awards at local and state competitions, with the major of those awards for blue ribbon, first prize on our colby, baby swiss and cheddar.

Visit our new retail store where you can select from more than 75 varieties of Wisconsin cheese, plus souvenirs. Downtown Cuby City on Hwy 80.
Call 608-744-3456.
116 N Main St, Cuba City, Grant County.

Historic Cheesemaking Center
The history of cheesemaking in the Monroe area. Take a stroll back in time, to the «beginning» when the new and ancient worlds met…to when there was a cheese factory at every rural crossroad. Hear voices from the past tell their stories of hardship and joy.

It was from this depot, so artfully restored by Historic Monroe Inc, that tons of cheese were shipped by rail to eventually reach world markets. Open 9 — 4 pm daily, Mar 1 until Thanksgiving Day. Closed Dec, Jan, and Feb.
Call 608-325-4636.
2108 6th Ave, Monroe, Green County.

Hook’s Cheese Company
Call 608-987-3259.
320 Commerce St, Mineral Point, Iowa County.
K & K Cheese
K & K Cheese receives about 120,000 of milk from about 230 Amish producers. We own an outlet store and present store where you can purchase a wide variety of cheeses along with numerous other Amish goods and crafts.

Also you can watch cheese being made Mon-Sat from 8 am to 5 pm every year.
Call 608-654-5580.
Take Cty D off Hwy 33E, go S five miles, S 510 County Hwy D, Cashton, Monroe County.

Maple Leaf Factory Outlet
Maple Leaf Cheese Factory Outlet is a family owned and operated retail and wholesale cheese store. We are located in the little town of Juda, Wisconsin, and sell some of the best cheese Wisconsin has to offer. The Maple Leaf Logo and the Wisconsin Cheese Pride Seal are your assurance of traditional, fine quality, natural cheese products for over 90 years!
Call 608-934-1237.

W2616 Hwy 11-81, Juda, Green County.

Meister Cheese Company
Wisconsin family- owned and operated cheese factory since 1923. Meister Cheese Company produces Grand Midwest Jack, a nationally marketed brand of specialty flavored Monterey Jack cheeses, and Timber Lake Cheddar, a line of four uniquely flavored cheddar cheeses. You won’t desire to miss the observation window at our retail store. Specialty cheese and gourmet present baskets and boxes are available. We also own a retail brochure and website to widen our consumer outreach.
Call 608-739-3134 or 800-634-7837.
1050 E Nebraska St, Muscoda, Grant County.
Mid-America Dairymen, Inc
Fresh curd Fridays.

Retail outlet, observation window, and prearranged tours. Mon through Fri, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Call 608-375-5466.
Hwy 133 E, Boscobel, Grant County.

Montchevre Betin
Our cheeses are made from unused, prime quality goat milk picked up every day from farms in Wisconsin and Iowa. Montchevré is always 100% natural-we use no preservatives or artificial flavorings. Montchevré goat cheese has almost one half the quantity of fat calories and saturated fat as cream cheese, and 2% more calcium. Every Montchevré products are 100% natural, free of hormones and preservatives.
Call 608-762-5878.

336 Penn St, Belmont, Lafayette County.

Montfort Dairy Products
Call 608-943-6753.
303 US Highway 18, Montfort, Grant County.
Morning Glory Farms
New Holstein muenster. Prearranged tours Mon through Fri and a retail outlet Mon through Sat, 8 am to 4:30 pm.
Call 608-489-2651.
Off Hwys 22, 80, 82 S on Cty F to 186A Madison St, Hillsboro, Vernon County.
Mt Sterling Cheese Co-op
Retail outlet, observation window, and prearranged tours.
Call 608-734-3151.

Hwys 27 and 171 in Mt Sterling. Hwy 171 east toward Gays Mills. 310 Diagonal St in Mt Sterling, Crawford County.

Nelson Cheese Factory
Cheddar, colby, monterey jack, curds. Retail outlet, prearranged tours.
Call 715-673-4725.
Hwy 35 South, Nelson, Buffalo County.
Old Country Cheese
The Ancient Country Cheese Factory is located in the heart of the Amish community in Southwestern Wisconsin. We accept unused can milk from 230 Amish milk producers who live nearby.

Ancient Country Cheese brings in 120,000 pounds of milk a day from over 230 Amish milk producers! Not only do we make Wisconsin cheese, but we also own a factory outlet store where you can purchase unused Amish cheese and Wisconsin cheese present boxes, as well as a present store offering Wisconsin Amish crafts, candy, and maple syrup.
Call 608-654-5411.
5510 County Hwy D, Cashton, Monroe County.

Organic Valley
Proudly Organic and Farmer-Owned Since 1988. At Organic Valley, our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the ground.

In today’s world, in order to make a difference, companies need to ponder differently. Since our first seven farmers started working together in 1988, we’ve been doing just that. Here’s how: * We are a cooperative of family farmer-owners * We are mission-driven * We are leaders in organic.
Call 608-625-2602 or 888-444-6455.
507 W Main St, La Farge, Vernon County.

Prairie Hill Cheese Company
Swiss, brick, muenster, cheddar, farmers, monterey jack, colby horns and other flavored natural cheeses.

Retail outlet and prearranged tours.
Call 608-325-2918.
Nine miles S of Monroe on Cty K to Twin Grove Rd, then S one mile, Green County.

Prima Kase
Only U.S. manufacturer of 180 wheel Swiss. Creator of award-winning sweet Swiss. Also manufactures Gouda, Edam, fontina, asiago, havarti, dill havarti, baby Swiss and block Swiss. Unused cheddar curd every Fri. Retail outlet, observation window, and prearranged tours.
From Madison, S on 69 to Cty C, west to C and N, Monticello, Green County.
Roelli Cheese Company
Adolph Roelli came to Lafayette County from Switzerland in the 1920s.

From that time, four generations of the Roelli family own been in the cheese trade at this location, building on Adolph’s commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction. This long-standing commitment continues to be the cornerstone of our trade. We own a public viewing area with retail cheese sales along with deli sandwiches, snacks, cheese trays and soft-serve ice cream.
Call 608-965-3779 or 800-451-4372.
15982 Hwy 11, Shullsburg, Lafayette County.

Roth Kase USA
Specializing in gruyere, fontina, butterkase, havarti, including plain dill, pesto and jalapeno pepper.

Retail outlet, prearranged tours, and an observation window.
Call 608-328-2122.
From Hwy 11/81, take the 69 S exit, first building on correct, 657 Second St, Monroe, Green County.

Schurman’s Wisconsin Cheese Country
Schurman’s Wisconsin Cheese Country Inc. has been part of Wisconsin’s wealthy tradition of cheese making for over 70 years. For the past 28 years, Schurman’s has provided custom Cheese packaging and private labeling for wholesalers and distributors across the country. We also can provide you with a custom aging and warehousing program. We procure only the finest quality Wisconsin cheeses for our cheese packaging and wholesaling.
Call 608-794-2422.

7786 County U East, Beetown, Grant County.

Shullsburg Creamery
Wisconsin Grade A cheese «Cured to Perfection» is the foundation of family owned Shullsburg Creamery’s success in the market put over the past 70 years. When grading, our licensed Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s require proper aging, consistency, and a guarantee of product that will insure the extremely best for our customers. Also, stop in to the Brewster Home — grand food and friendly service.

The best breakfast East of the Mississippi!
Call 608-965-3855.
208 W Water St, Shullsburg, Lafayette County.

Silver-Lewis Cheese
Our little factory located in Monticello, WI has been operating since 1897 and is known for its Brick and Muenster Cheese. We also make a wide variety of other cheeses which are sold factory direct, or we will ship any where in the U.S. A list of the cheeses we sell is available upon request.
Call 608-938-4813.
W3075 Cty EE, Monticello, Green County.
Westby Co-op Creamery
Westby Cooperative Creamery is farmer-owned.

That means that more than 100 farmers who supply milk to the creamery, from their family dairy farms, own the company. They take grand pride in the traditions of the past, the daily operations of the present, and the future growth of the business.
Call 608-634-3181 or toll-free 800-492-9282.
401 S Main St, Westby, Vernon County.

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