What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

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  • We’ve tested and reviewed the best corded vacuum cleaners for cleaning your home efficiently

    Cleaning is less of a chore when you own the correct tools at your disposal. The latest vacuum cleaners boast superior suction, whip up pet hairs with ease and are more manoeuvrable than ever.

    They’re lighter and quieter too. And forget about comparing wattages to purchase the most powerful.

    Thanks to EU energy-saving regulations, they use much less electricity than older models, instead cleaning more efficiently.

    We tested a selection of the latest models to see which vacuum cleaner is best.

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    What is the best vacuum to get rid of pet hair?

    There are a few features to glance for in a vacuum specifically for pet hair: Floor nozzles and attachments with rubber trim and raised “fingers” assist zap static break the bonds, so fur comes up more easily.

    Tangle-free brush rolls put an finish to clipping endless strands of hair (from pets or humans!) that get twisted around the brush. Glance for easy-to-empty dust cups, and hold in mind that filters on newer vacuums trap more odors eliminate smells in the vacuum and the room.

    To assist any vacuum do a better occupation at removing pet hair, our cleaning pros recommend giving fur-covered carpets and couches a spritz of an anti-static spray, love Static Guard, before vacuuming to assist strands come up easier. Invest in pet hair removing tools to add to your arsenal. Your home hasn’t been this clean since, well, before you had a pet.

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    Best Bagged Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Dynamic U1 Maverick Vacuum


    This Excellent Housekeeping Seal star is ideal for pet owners that also suffer fromallergies orasthmasince its self-sealing bag keeps debris outof the air.

    It alsohasa HEPA filter, whichtraps even the tiniest particles, including pet dander. It received top-scores in our pet hair pick-up test and basically every other test we put it through. Plus, it comes with every the accessories you need to get the whole home spotless, love anupholstery tool, a crevice nozzle, and a dusting brush.


    Best Worth Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

    FloorRover Upright Vacuum Eurekaamazon.com



    This Amazon best-seller had anear-perfect scoreinour pet hair pick-up tests and itcomes with aa Pet Turbo Brush, specifically designed to get rid of pet hair from bedding, floors, stairs, and upholstery.Our consumer testers loved how easily it was to maneuver intough-to-reach places.


    Best Bagless Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Pet Hair Eraser Upright VacuumBissellwalmart.com



    ThisGood Housekeeping Seal staris our Lab go-to because itcomesfully stocked with featuresthat’llsuck up every final bit of pet hair.A tangle-free brush roll, a light to discover hidden messes, and a detachable canister are every included.

    We also love that it works grand on both carpetsandbare floors.


    Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner


    Miele vacuums always top our Lab tests for performance and this model is designed for cleaning up after cats and dogs. It’s especially greatif you’re worried about pesky smells, since thepowerfulGood Housekeeping Seal starfeaturesanActive AirClean Filter to helpneutralize any lingering petodors. It also comes with a super-usefulFlexible Handheld Mini Turbo Brush attachment for upholstery, stairs, and other tight spaces.


    Best Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Vacuum Dysonamazon.com $699.99

    $485.00 (31% off)


    Dyson’s super-lightweight model received perfect scores in our pet hair pick-up tests.

    And since it’s cordless,you’ll never own to worry about you (or your pets!) tripping over apower cord!The cordless stick vacuum was grand at picking up pet hair on floors and it converts into a hand vac allowing you to easilytackle furnituretoo.


    Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

    Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld VacuumBissellamazon.com


    Don’t desire to purchase a whole new vacuum? This small-but-mighty Bissell (less than four pounds!)is perfect for quick pet-hair fixes. We love thatit’s designed with arubber nozzle to assist lift stuck-on hairand that it’s simple to maneuver around chair arms and stair treads to get every final piece.


    Best Vacuum Attachment for Pet Hair

    Groom Tool


    If you’re already a Dyson owner, consider adding thisunique grooming tool to your cleaning arsenal to create a next-level hair vacuum.Itbrushes your pup and removes loose hair, sucking strands correct into the vacuum itself.

    Carolyn Forte, Excellent Housekeeping InstituteDirector, Home Appliances & Cleaning Products Lab and Textiles, Paper and Plastics LabCarolyn Forté, a certified consumer science expert, is the director of the Home Care & Cleaning Products Lab and the Textiles, Paper and Plastics Lab at the Excellent Housekeeping Institute.

    Anti-allergen effect: s-bag® Anti-Allergy protects your health, contributing significantly to the hygiene and air purity of your home, while still maintaining excellent performance.

    s-bag® Anti-Allergy reduces the exposure to allergens and the risk of allergies in your family.

    High filtration capacity: s-bag®Anti-Allergy has high filtration to capture pollen, dust particles, dust mites, mite allergens and cat allergens as little as 1 micron (15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair). This level of filtration is of benefit to asthma and allergy sufferers.

    For optimum performance, bags should be changed regularly and filters should be changed with every 4th vacuum bag. Every filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled. The use of non-genuine s-bag® vacuum bags may adversely affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner.


    New pet owner?

    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

    Finding the best vacuum for pet hair is essential – finding hair on your hard flooring, entwined in your carpet or stuck to furniture and upholstery isn’t a pleasant surprise for you nor your guests. While vacuuming is a chore we’d rather forget at the best of times, we really don’t desire to resent our furry compadre for making the occupation tougher with their moulting.

    So, whether your home is carpeted or has hard floors, we’ve found the best models to ensure your home is fluff-free. Some also feature in our list of the overall best vacuum cleaners, so you know you are on to a winner.

    So how do they differ from other models?

    Well vacuums designed with hair removal in mind will often feature a motorised brush head to really work fluff up off carpet and upholstery.

    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

    They might also include diverse filters to tackle the hair and allergens that come with pets.

    In terms of style and type, you can get stick, cylinder and upright vacuums designed for pet hair so this will come below to your own preferences. Where available, we own also listed the noise level – something your pets will thank you for keeping to a minimum.

    Read more top tips on choosing a vacuum for pet hair at the bottom of this page.

    The best vacuums for pet hair

    VAX Blade 2 MAX

    Best Shark vacuum for pet hair: feels love an upright, works love a cordless and converts to a handheld


    Best for: All-rounder

    Type: Cylinder

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: No

    Weight: 7.9kg

    Capacity: 1.5ltrs

    Noise level: 80dB

    Reasons to buy

    +Powerful removal of dust and pet hair+Easy to move, use and empty+Great on every surfaces including hard flooring


    Best for: Allergies

    Type: Cylinder

    Bagless?: No

    Cordless?: No

    Weight: 7.26kg

    Capacity: 4.5ltrs

    Noise level: 79dB

    Reasons to buy

    +Slim frame+Versatile and simple to use+Light

    Reasons to avoid

    -Limited battery life-Small dust tank

    The Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the best cordless vacuums on the market, and users love how simple it is to use on every types of floors and surfaces.

    As a result, it is the best vacuum for pet grooming.

    All-round performance
    There’s always the worry with cordless vacs that they won’t own the oomph to tackle debris love clingy pet hair, but this one has a couple of useful features on its side. One is its direct-drive cleaner head, which pushes the bristles deep into the carpet, which makes for efficient hair – and dirt – removal.

    In case it’s a throw up between this model and the Dyson V6 Animal, this vac offers 150 per cent more brush bar power, albeit it at a higher price.

    What else? Love the other Dysons on our list, it captures allergens and expels clean air, which is a vital feature to glance out for in a pet hair vacuum cleaner, particularly if you suffer from allergies.

    The V8 easily converts into a handheld vac, making it ideal for switching from carpets and hard floors to stairs, upholstery and the inside of the car.And of course, grooming tables and other surfaces you may have.

    Battery life
    Its digital motor gives you up to 40 minutes of usage from full charge; or seven minutes of high suction for tougher areas.

    With the motorised floor tool attachment, the battery will provide up to 25 minutes use. So, as with other cordless vacuums that work best on their maximum setting, this is best suited as a second, additional vacuum cleaner for a larger home – although we ponder it’ll suit owners of little homes below to the ground.

    Ease of use
    This vacuum cleaner weighs just 2.6 kg, and has a canister capacity of 0.6 litres, so while it’s super simple to manoeuvre, you’ll need to factor in regular emptying, particularly if you’ll be using it to pick up larger debris (think: clumps of mud off your wellies after a dog walk) as well as pet hair.

    On the upside, the bin emptying mechanism is simple to work and hygienically pushes out dust and debris so you don’t need to touch it.

    There’s a docking station for simple storage and charging; recharging to full power takes up to five hours.

    What’s in the accessory kit?
    There’s a mattress tool for those who often discover the cat or dog (or both) on the bed; the soft dusting brush is useful for gently removing dust from flat surfaces, curtains and furniture.

    There’s also a useful extension hose for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Our favourite tool? The stubborn dirt brush, with stiff bristles designed to remove stains. Dog owners, you know what we mean.

    We own not reviewed this in person, but read our review of the Dyson V8 Absolute for a similar model. You can also see every of our favourite Dyson cordless vacuums.

    Shop more vacuum cleaners at Very

    Dyson Large Ball Animal 2

    Best vacuum for pet hair and allergies: a filtered vacuum to reduce the symptoms of allergies


    Best for: Those who can’t decide what type they want

    Type: Upright style that converts

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: Yes

    Weight: 5.7kg

    Capacity: 0.6ltrs

    Noise: 72dB

    Reasons to buy

    +Powerful bagless convenience+Great on pet hair+Handles every surfaces love a pro

    Reasons to avoid

    -Quite heavy-Expect a workout if you don’t turn the suction below on carpet

    Dyson aren’t the only ones who can make a grand bagless vacuum for pet hair as the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat&Dog PowerLine shows.

    Not everyone is team Dyson, and we love this bag-free version from Miele, known for their top-quality engineering.

    Pet hair and allergies
    Dried mud and pet hair are easily thwarted by this model that carries an Allergy UK-approved HEPA AirClean filter. If you own pets and allergies this model will get rid of nasties and is simple to empty so you don’t need to worry about being triggered by emptying it either. The self-cleaning function is particularly impressive – we’ve always said that vacuum cleaners need cleaning too.

    What’s more, it has the biggest dust tank of every the bagless models on our list and second biggest after its bagged Miele sibling, the Miele Finish C3 Cat&Dog (more on that below).

    Ease of use
    The suction on this model is grand and it has a excellent range of tools, every neatly stowed in the body of the vacuum cleaner. Switching between settings is simple – just flip the foot control to adjust brushes or retract the cable.

    While it isn’t the smallest, it is a tidy design that is simple to transport and store. That said, when it is in high suction mode on carpet, you might notice its weight and strength, so we recommend turning it below so the foot glides more easily.

    Easy to move with a telescopic tube, people with back problems won’t discover this vacuum hard to use.

    However, it is on the weighty side, so if you own lots of stairs, you might prefer a lighter model – for a large bungalow though, it would be perfect.

    Miele Finish C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner

    Best cordless vacuum for pet hair: the absolute best for suction, battery power and getting into those hard-to-reach areas


    Best for: Simple cleaning

    Type: Cordless stick

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: Yes

    Weight: 3.2kg

    Capacity: 0.6ltrs

    Noise level: 79dB

    Reasons to buy

    +Powerful suction so grand on carpet and hard flooring+Ball makes it simple to move+Long cord


    Best for: Little spaces

    Type: Stick

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: Yes

    Weight: 2.6kg

    Capacity: 0.6ltrs

    Noise level: 82dB

    Reasons to avoid

    -Long hair can get tangled-There are lighter cordless models

    So, you know you desire a vacuum that is tough on pet hair, but you can’t decide what style you want?

    Well the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away with TruePet is perfect for anyone who wants to give cordless a go but likes the cleaning style of their cylinder or upright.

    A new breed of vacuum cleaner
    If a stick vacuum cleaner is a speedy greyhound, an upright a dependable Labrador and a cylinder a compact but sturdy bulldog, then this vacuum is the perfect mongrel. Pictured above in upright mode it is well suited to those who desire the agility and convenience of a cordless vacuum but would prefer an upright to shove than a stick. A simple click and lift and the cylinder detaches – you can either carry that around as you do the stairs, or set it below while you shove the foot over your flooring.

    TruePet tech
    It is in the name that this is designed for pet owners so how does it manage with the hair and dirt?

    Extremely well is the answer. The foot and attachments lift hair with ease and the boost button ups the power for getting engrained dirt from floors. Our reviewer noted that endless hair does get tangled in the brush, but this can be easily removed.

    Power and charging
    The battery life is on the generous side for a cordless at 50 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to whizz around and you can purchase a spare batter to charge while the other is in use.

    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

    The power is impressive and it is surprisingly quiet.

    Boost mode shortens the battery life but if you are the helpful of person who cleans little and often, it will suit you well. The light helps illuminate dust and debris so you won’t miss a thing.

    Shop every Shark vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

    Dyson Ball Animal 2

    Best vacuum cleaner you can buy: especially brilliant for pet-owners, this vacuum is a grand every rounder

    Reasons to buy

    +Sleek and lightweight design+Has a light so you can see underneath furniture+Great at brushing up hairs

    Reasons to avoid

    -When on max, can be loud-Lower setting means longer running time but suction is much weaker

    The 2-in-1 Vax Blade 2 MAX has almost three times more suction power than any of their older cordless vacuums, making it the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair (and owners who don’t own the budget to stretch to a Dyson).

    It stands up to the best corded vacuums too – a grand option for little spaces. No wonder we rated it our top cordless vacuum overall.

    Battery life
    This is always the first thing to glance out for when you’re buying a cordless model, especially if you are planning to use it every over a larger than average home. The Blade’s battery lasts on the standard setting for around 45 minutes and on maximum for around 15 minutes.

    Charge time to take it back to full power is around two hours 45 minutes. Not bad.

    Suction power
    So, if you’re using it on standard power for 45 minutes, what’s it love to use?

    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

    Well, on its lowest setting, it’s not a excellent as you might hope – it will clean well but tricky spots can take a bit of going over. It is, however, really effective on its higher setting, even on fluff-ridden carpets and for picking up larger debris from hard floors. However, needing to use it on maximum power to get the occupation done does mean your vacuuming time is limited to just 20 minutes or so, which (for us) makes it a grand pet hair trouble-shooting second vacuum cleaner, but not one to efficiently service the entire house.

    The Blade 2 Max can be quickly changed into a handheld cleaner.

    This is useful when you own pets who shed their hair on stairs, in the car and on upholstery. Or, of course, you could use it for quickly picking up scatterings of debris on kitchen work surfaces.

    Bin capacity
    As you’d expect from a handheld, cordless cleaner, the bin capacity won’t match our top corded picks. The bin is just 0.6ltrs, so will need emptying regularly. On the upside, it’s removable, which means simple emptying.

    Plus, as it fills, it doesn’t lose suction power.

    Ease of use
    Always significant, this model weighs just 3.2kg, or just 2kg as a handheld. This is about what you’d expect for a cordless vac, but is, of course, much lighter than our heftier top picks. If you struggle to lug around a heavy vac, this really can’t be beaten.

    A feature we do really love is the DustTracker LED headlights, which are perfect for highlighting every that pet hair under the sofa that you couldn’t see in plain daylight.

    Other attachments include a crevice tool, dusting brush and the tidy tool caddy. As for storage, this vacuum has a wall-mount, a genuine bonus for little homes or if this vac is to be kept in a kitchen utility cupboard for charging. What wasn’t favorite was the noise levels when at maximum power.

    Shop more Vax products at Amazon

    Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away with TruePet Cordless vacuum cleaner

    Best vacuum for pet grooming: every the power of the Dyson Light Ball with a slimmer frame

    Reasons to buy

    +50-minute battery life+Versatile cleaning styles+Floor illumination+Battery can be charged separately


    Best for: Upright fans

    Type: Upright

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: No

    Weight: 7.34kg

    Capacity: 1.8ltrs

    Noise: 80dB


    Best for: Simple emptying

    Type: Cylinder

    Bagless?: Yes

    Cordless?: No

    Weight: 8.71kg

    Capacity: 2ltrs

    Noise: 76dB

    Reasons to avoid

    -Can be noisy-It isn’t the lightest to move

    If you own pets, love a Dyson, but prefer an upright model to the cylinder style above, we rate the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

    Its clever brush heads pick up every the hair our furry friends leave behind, without getting tangled up, and the motorised brush bar gets out stubborn dirt from muddy paws.

    All flooring, every debris
    Be it mud on kitchen tiles or fur bedded into your carpet, this vacuum cleaner gets to work with ease. The suction is powerful so it does the occupation quickly, but you might desire to turn it below a bit for carpet as it can be harder to shove. It won’t scatter dirt around and gets correct to the edges of the room.

    The Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with a two-in-one tool for dust and cobwebs, a stair tool and a turbine tool that is tangle-free – perfect for handling every types of pet hair.

    The latter will assist get fur (and other debris) off upholstery, too.

    Ease of use
    The low profile head and telltale ball make swishing this beauty circular almost enjoyable. A endless cord means you won’t be slowed by having to change sockets and the handle gives you plenty of reach when cleaning stairs and upper corners. It isn’t the lightest but the tidy design isn’t too hard to carry and it stores away nicely.

    Shop more Dyson vacuums at Amazon

    Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Best Miele vacuum for pet hair: this one goes out to every the Miele-loving pet owners out there

    Reasons to avoid

    -Quite rigorous carpet cleaning might make it hard work for some

    For a large home with a few pets, we highly recommend the Dyson Large Ball Animal 2.

    Simply thebest vacuum cleaner around, its clever brush heads pick up every the hair our furry friends leave behind, without getting tangled up, and the motorised brush bar gets out stubborn dirt from muddy paws.

    Pet hair extraordinaire
    This cylinder model is perfect for quick but thorough cleaning. It features a pneumatic head that automatically adjusts between floors for maximum efficiency around your home. From stubborn dirt to hair-ridden carpets, it gets it every.

    Standard power mode does a mean occupation, but there is a max mode for the worst dirt (we are talking muddy stroll with a moulting German Shepherd).

    If your pets are constantly wrecking your carpet with muck, this really does bring it up looking excellent as new.

    Attachments for every task
    From rotating heads to lift hair on the stairs to the turbine head for dust on hard floors, the tools will assist you out. The standard crevice tools will grab those bits of fluff and dirt that escape into corners too. The hose is endless, meaning you own excellent reach wherever you need to clean.

    Anyone with pets will know that vacuuming is a race against time with the dog trying to frolic with the brush and the cat threatening to leave home at the noise.

    So our reviewer was impressed by just how quick and simple this model was to use. The signature ball offers max manoeuvrability. While it isn’t the lightest, the little cylinder is much easier to carry than some of its well-known competitors.

    If you do prefer an upright however, we also rated the Dyson Ball Animal 2 highly which is the upright version of this machine.

    Shop more Dyson vacuums at Amazon

    Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat&Dog PowerLine

    Best upright vacuum for pet hair: another grand purchase from Dyson for upright users

    Reasons to buy

    +Filter traps dust+Extra-long cord+Comes with a excellent set of tools

    A carpet is a piece of home décor without which our feet would be freezing and our home sweet home wouldn’t glance as grand as it does with one or two onboard.

    Other than serving its primary purpose of offering a soft and comfortable area for us to stroll on, carpets can also become a victim of a proper invasion of a wide variety of microscopic invaders such as dust, mite, those tiny bugs carried about by pets, as well as whatever we, in our clumsiness, manage to drop or spill.

    Luckily, however, some clever folks way back in the day realized that using various brushes and brooms on carpets, although often a successful strategy to get the thing cleaned, isn’t necessarily the best one, so nowadays we own that lovable, if somewhat noisy, contraption we call – vacuum cleaner.

    These useful cleaning apparatuses come in every shapes and sizes these days.

    So, we’ve decided to concoct a list o’ 12 that can assist you out select the best vacuum cleaner for your specific needs. Every of the entries you’re about to see represent the crème de la crème of vacuum cleaning world, so to speak, so you can relax assured that whichever of these you venture to pick, you won’t really make a mistake!

    Editor’s Recommendation: 5 Best Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

    Here are our top 12 vacuum cleaners for carpets.

    Bissell – Pet Hair Eraser

    If you’re a proud owner of a dog, cat, or a piglet that sheds considerably, for that matter, obtaining one of these vacuum cleaners from Bissell might be a step in the correct direction toward getting your carpet de-haired.

    One of the biggest points of differentiation between a regular vacuum cleaner and one of these mean machines from Bissell would be the way it tackles pet hairs.

    (And human hairs, as well, by the way.) Namely, thanks to its cyclonic pet hair removal system, this vacuum cleaner is capable to separate the hair waste from another sort of impurities such as dust, for example. This way, you can see exactly how much of the stuff you’ve gathered and more importantly, it means you can dispose of it without touching it.

    This hair removal goodness is not only limited to carpets. Using this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, you can vacuum other surfaces such as hard floors, linoleum, upholstery, and some other, as well!

    Also, if you decide to go for this product, you’ll get a couple of attachments designed specifically for tackling pet-related messes.


    1. A specialized pet hair spooling system
    2. Smart Seal Allergen System
    3. Quick release wand for reaching touch spots
    4. Comes with a Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator
    5. Features swivel steering for simple, well, steering
    6. 5-year limited warranty


    1. Not every parts are covered by the warranty
    2. A bit on the heavier side

    Check Price

    iRobot – Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Shaped love a Frisbee or perhaps a bulky DVD-player, this vacuum cleaner from the cheekily-named iRobot company is a par excellence example of a modern cleaning device.

    Don’t let its size idiot you, because this little bugger can do wonders when it comes to tackling even the toughest of stains as well as, if not better, than its bulky counterparts.

    To ensure your carpets are clean thoroughly, the folks at iRobot own equipped their robotic vacuum cleaner with an elaborate 3-stage cleaning system. When every of them work in concord, the result is a well-rounded cleaning engagement that can tackle everything from microscopic dust particles to the larger pieces of trash such as an ancient M&M or perhaps a stray button.

    Now, you may be wondering ‘how on Ground do you control this thing?’, and the answer is fairly simple.

    There’s a specialized app you can download for your phone, and it is through this app that you’ll be capable to program your iRobot cleaner’s ‘activities’!


    1. Compact size and no hoses or cords to journey over
    2. Features an advanced 3-stage cleaning system
    3. Can run for 90 minutes non-stop
    4. Schedule cleaning sessions via an app
    5. Comes with a number of intelligent sensors to assist you navigate
    6. Comes back to its dock (base) and recharges on its own


    1. The sensors can error black areas for a cliff and won’t go over them
    2. It can climb stairs and other obstacles

    Check Price


    Black & Decker – Ultra Light Weigh AIRSWIVEL Upright Cleaner

    For every of ye folks who fancy getting yourself a vacuum cleaner that looks as though it just got imported from a Star Wars film, this lil puppy is the product for you. It’s got the lot – swivel steering, steampunk-looking hose, a large tank, you name it!

    First things first, for every its grandiose looks and elaborate build, this vacuum cleaner is actually fairly lightweight. This also makes it simple to store, as it won’t take too much space even if you decide to hold it in a closet.

    It’s also got ergonomic handles and a swivel steering enabling you to maneuver with around your flat easily.

    The dust cup is removable, the filters are washable, what’s not to love?


    1. Lightweight, weighing in at 9.1 lbs
    2. Ergonomic handle
    3. Comes with an easy-to-handle swivel steering
    4. Washable filters


    1. No cord retraction
    2. Quite loud

    Check Price

    10. Bissell – Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum

    If it’s one thing we’ve taken from the Bissell products we’ve seen so far on this list, it’s that they certainly don’t lack creativity.

    This Bissell Bagless vacuum is no diverse, really. The only thing that’s advertised with this product is powerful suction and a finish lack of bags!

    In order to make this product as versatile as possible, the folks at Bissell ensure that it can be used with equal success on a wide variety of surfaces. So, whether it’s a carpet you need to clean or a completely bare naked floor, this specific vacuum cleaner will do the occupation for you.

    Other than performing well on the ground, this apparatus can also do wonders when used on upholstery, furniture, etc.

    For this purpose, there are diverse attachments you can use to maximize your results.


    1. Lightweight design
    2. No dirty bags to change
    3. Comes with a specialized post-motor filter
    4. Washable and reusable filters


    1. The telescopic hose extender doesn’t click into put (it can remove randomly when in use)
    2. The vacuum head is a tad thick (won’t fit under some low-lying furniture)

    Check Price

    Kenmore – Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet Power Mate

    Boasting a powerful two-motor suction system as well as advanced HEPA filtration, this Kenmore Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet Power Mate is a vacuum cleaner that can easily take care of every of your vacuuming needs, even if you own a large house.

    As far as its primary, on-the-ground nozzle potentials are concerned, this model comes with two diverse attachments.

    Both of these offer you a reach of 10.5 feet, so you can relax assured you’ll be capable to reach every nook and cranny along the way.

    The cord itself gives you further 28-feet for this purpose, so you won’t own to worry about moving this vacuum cleaner about your home in order to reach certain areas. Also, the cord is retractable, so you won’t own to collect it clumsily once you’re done with your cleaning chores.


    1. A powerful two-motor system
    2. Comes with a telescoping wand
    3. Self-rewinding cord
    4. HEPA filtration


    1. Pretty heavy
    2. On the pricier finish of the scale

    Check Price

    Shark – Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet

    With a build reminiscent of some sort of sci-fi robot and a powerful motor for tackling every sorts of messes that transgress on your carpet, this Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet is a perfect tool for a household in need of a simple and efficient way to clean their carpets.

    Thanks to its advanced anti-allergen finish seal technology, this model from Shark is capable of trapping up to 99.9% of every allergens and dust particles inside its vacuum canister.

    What’s more, this device has also got a potent HEPA filter onboard, so every the potentially-harmful bacteria and mite will remain trapped in there.

    As this vacuum cleaner was predominantly made for personal use in homes and apartments, the folks at Shark own devised a clever steering system allowing you to easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles.


    1. Lightweight and simple to handle
    2. Comes with a special upholstery tool
    3. Features anti-allergen finish seal technology
    4. Traps up to 99.9% of dust and allergens in its vacuum


    1. The upholstery tool is not attachable
    2. The intake head may be too narrow for some users

    Check Price

    Eureka – 2-in-1 Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Featuring a simple design and a compact build, this model from Eureka is a vacuum cleaner perfect for smaller apartments and houses.

    To make the most of its wee build, the engineers at Eureka decided to make this contraption a 2-in-1 sort of deal.

    The way this works is that you get to select how you desire to use it. You can either remove the lengthening stick and use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner or leave the stick on and use it as you would use any conventional cleaner.

    The thing is, if you do decide to lose the stick, you’ll be capable to also clean your furniture and upholstery. You shouldn’t worry about its weight in this case, of course, because the body itself is fairly little, so you don’t really need to be a powerlifter in order to operate it.


    1. A clever 2-in-1 system
    2. The stick is removable
    3. Compact design guarantees simple storage
    4. Works well on a wide variety of floors and carpeted areas
    5. Comes with a washable filtration system


    1. The suction power can be too strong for smaller carpets
    2. Awkwardly-positioned power button (you can accidentally turn it off)

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    Miele – Finish C3 Marine Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    If you’re on a lookout for a simple corded vacuum cleaner solution, this model from Miele can be just what you need.

    What sets this specific model apart from the relax of the vacuum cleaning world of gadgets would be the degree of control you can own on the power of the suction.

    As you may own concluded from reading the cons of the product above, a powerful motor doesn’t always mean simple use as trying to clean smaller carpets can be fairly tricky when the vacuum cleaner keeps sucking them in.

    You won’t own these sorts of problems with this Miele product. Every you need to do is set the degree of suction to which you’d love to see it work and then carry on vacuuming at your own pace.


    1. The motor has six speeds to select between
    2. Comes with some accessories
    3. Features a telescopic wand made out of stainless steel
    4. The parquet twister rotates 180°
    5. Works well on every types of floor


    1. It can clog at the 90° bend (of the parquet twister)
    2. Awkwardly-positioned cord rewinding thing (again, you can hit it accidentally)

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    Bissell – Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

    Tough-looking and relatively lightweight, this Bissell Cleanview Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a product that’s perfect for homes and apartments with plenty of carpeted areas.

    This here contraption’s equipped with some beautiful exciting technological advancements in the field of carpet cleaning, so to speak, so if you’re looking for a product that’s up a notch in comparison to your ancient vacuum cleaner, this product would definitely be exciting to glance into.

    First of every, this Cleanview vacuum cleaner from Bissell features One Pass technology enabling it to clean most of the debris on the surface of the carpet in, well, just one pass!

    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies

    This means that you won’t own to go over a specific spot a hundred times before it’s cleaned, which is bound to cut below the time you spend vacuuming.

    Another exciting thing about this product is the multi-level filtration achieved through a washable filter. This specific part can assist you get rid of the majority of allergens and dust particles in your carpets.


    1. Offers multi-level filtration
    2. Comes with a endless 25-foot power cord
    3. Works on a number of surfaces
    4. Unique One Pass technology
    5. Long reach thanks to the 6-foot cord
    6. A sizeable dirt bin


    1. The canister can be tricky to clean out
    2. No automatic cord roll up

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    Shark – Navigator Lift-Away Professional

    As our entry number 4, we’ve got another product from the well-known Shark company.

    In a way, this specific model can be considered an upgrade on the first one, as this one carries the label ‘professional’. Similarly to the previous model, this one also functions based on the lift-away system, allowing you to assemble and disassemble it quickly and easily whenever you need.

    It comes with the same anti-allergen seal technology that was installed in the model from spot number one. This means that this model also is capable of entrapping a wide variety of dust particles, mite, and allergens into its vacuuming compartment. This way, your carpets will be rid of the said impurities and you won’t own to inhale them as you operate the cleaner around your room.

    You can use this vacuum cleaner to clean rugs, carpets and also hard floor areas.


    1. Lightweight design
    2. Easy assembly (Just click every the parts into their spot et voila)
    3. The lift-away mechanism allows you to quickly take it apart
    4. Can be used to clean carpets AND hard floors
    5. Gets rid of 99.9% of allergens and dust particles


    1. Some users own reported problems with the roller brush
    2. Other users own reported certain problems with the power head rotating brush

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    Soniclean – Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Featuring a stylish design and an exciting choice of colors which alternate between black and gold, this vacuum cleaner can be a grand choice for a person in need of a cleaning apparatus, but who also cares deeply about style and fashion, let’s say.

    The excellent stuff isn’t only skin-deep with this product, of course.

    First off, this thing’s utilizing specialized sonic cleaning technology which gives it the ability to produce 200 vibrations per second. In this way, the fibers of the carpet itself are made to vibrate which means the dust and dirt particles will become loose and thus easier to pick up by the brushes. Fairly clever, isn’t it?

    Other than using vibration to break up the dirt particles, this model from Soniclean also offers two diverse modes of cleaning – silent mode and deep-cleaning mode.

    The first one is suitable for just a regular cleaning task for areas that aren’t that dirty. The other one, as its name itself suggests, is there to tackle the high-traffic areas of your home.


    1. Comes with a digitally-controlled multi-speed motor
    2. A endless 35-feet power cord
    3. Jam protection feature
    4. An elegant and lightweight design
    5. Fragrance-dispensing system


    1. Some users own experienced motor issues (can be taken care of by the manufacturer as a part of the warranty)
    2. A bit pricey

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    12. Hoover – Vacuum Cleaner Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweight Stick Vacuum

    Last but not least, we’ve got a simple, perhaps the most traditional vacuum cleaner-looking contraption on this list.

    It combines simple design with some beautiful impressive technological advances in the area of suction.

    First of every, let’s mention its powered brush roll with cyclonic technology. Using this vacuum cleaner, you can easily transition from carpeted areas to the hard floor areas without changing the attachment or otherwise altering the ‘configuration’ of this vacuum cleaner.

    Another exciting thing that can prove really helpful is the decision on the part of the Hoover folks to include a handle with a generous recline.

    This means you can stick this vacuum cleaner beneath pieces of furniture and other tough-to-reach places. So, you can clean up these areas without having to move your cupboards and beds about!


    1. Extreme recline handle for a large reach
    2. A endless, 20-foot power cord
    3. Easy-to-handle swivel steering
    4. Replaceable and washable filter


    1. Some users own reported troubles with the motor
    2. The tube can get clogged sometimes

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    All things considered, getting your carpet as clean as a whistle every now and again is the best way to ensure your home is free from dust, allergens, dog hairs, you name it.

    Although chores are boring, as a law, getting the correct machine for the occupation can make it much more manageable. Hope you found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck in your cleaning pursuits!


    What is the best vacuum for pet hair?

    Not every standard vacuums are excellent at picking up pet hair, and depending on the animal you own, some hair is more prone to moulting and sticking to carpets, furniture and everything else for that matter.

    Our best vacuum for pet hair is the Dyson Large Ball Animal 2. Its cleaning power is hard to top and it is super simple to use, with grand manoeuvrability.

    We also rated its upright cousin – the Dyson Ball Animal 2 (yes, we are also confused by Dyson’s naming conventions).

    Alternatively, if you’re after a cordless model, the incredibly powerful Vax Blade 2 Max is the best option (and so reasonably priced, too), or those after a robot vacuum for pets should consider the Dyson 360 Eye. Discover out more about every of them below.

    These are the relax of our top picks, under. Hold scrolling for the full reviews.

    1. Best cordless vacuum for pet hair: Vax Blade 2 Max
    2. Best vacuum for pet hair: Dyson Ball Animal 2
    3. Best efficient robot vacuum cleaner for pets: iRobot Roomba 980
    4. Best vacuum for pet hair for flexibility: Bosch Athlet Pro Animal Vacuum Cleaner
    5. Best robot vacuum for pet hair: Dyson 360 Eye
    6. Best vacuum for pet hair: Dyson Large Ball Animal 2
    7. Best vacuum for pet hair and allergies: Miele Finish C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner
    8. Best vacuum for pet hair for manoeuvrability: Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor
    9. Best Shark vacuum for pet hair: Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away with TruePet
    10. Best Miele vacuum for pet hair: Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat&Dog PowerLine
    11. Best vacuum for stubborn pet hair: Shark DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum
    12. Best affordable vacuum for pet hair: Swan SC15822N PowerPlush+ 3-in-1 Turbo

    Why do I need a new vacuum cleaner?

    If your vacuum cleaner has seen better days, you’ll be stunned by the performance of the latest models.

    They offer better cleaning power (in terms of suction and brushes to lift hair and dirt) yet use less electricity than older models.


    What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies